Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Do Follow Blogs List

Another Search Engine Optimization technique is by commenting to do follow blogs. Just as I said last time in my previous post link building strategy that I'm gonna give you guys a free do follow blogs list where you can get a link juice, get additional amount of traffic and can also influence the result of your site's ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Keep in mind that in order for this link building strategy to be successful you must leave a meaningful comments that adds value to the discussion rather than just leaving your links and not adding any value to the topic. You don't want your comment to look more like a spam that will easily spotted and deleted by the blog owners right?

The following is a list of do follow blogs with their corresponding Google page rank that I gathered for your SEO campaigns.

Do Follow Blogs List

adamloving.com 4
blackinbusiness.org 4
blog.nestlepoell.net 3
blog.techiezone.in 3
bookshopblog.com 5
businessx.info 3
callowaygreen.com 3
clicknewz.com 4
cubei.info 3
ecommissionblog.com 2
erikvossman.com 1
everestcomputers.co.uk 2
ewriting.pamil-visions.com 3
fleethecube.com 6
freeadvertisinggallery.com 1
freshyields.com 3
freyer.com 3
gadgets-club.com 2
golfgearless.com 1
greenstoreandmore.com 2
handyadverts.com 1
handbagvibe.com 1
hellsicht.net/esoblog 2
itmommy.info 3
jmorris.name 3
joseph.randomnetworks.com 4
loymeetsworld.com 3
mycfoonthego.com 2
middlezonemusings.com 4
netbizsimplified.com 1
newhomessection.com 4
nonstopmarketer.com 1
notguru.com 2
pagerush.com 1
patcoyle.net 5
personalplug.com 1
pingable.org 3
punny.org 2
qualitynetdesign.com 4
shahin.co.nr 3
simpledebtfreefinance.com 3
sportcetera.blogspot.com 1
succeedatlife.co.uk 3
successwithtodd.com 2
techandtoys.com 2
www.theincometeam.com 2
www.tropicalwebworks.org 4
ultraoli.info 2
wanginternet.com 4
webbythoughts.com 3
workinmypajamas.com 3

For more do follow blogs list you can download it here.
You can also check their traffic rank and other site details in www.alexa.com or www.who.is. If you know other do follow blogs that are not included in the list, you may leave it in a comment. Hope This will help you get started.


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