Sunday, 31 March 2013

SEO Assignment Support

Most, but not all, of this assignment is based on SEOLand's Periodic Chart here, and its subsequent descriptions here. You'll also incorporate class notes and the Google SEO Starter Guide.

I.  Keyword Recommendations
[This should take you 15 minutes.]
Use to help you determine the value of your chosen keywords.
Use this Google keyword traffic estimator (very limited data) or this Google Adwords keyword traffic estimator (you need to sign up for a free account) to help you determine the value of your chosen keywords. 

II. Content Analysis: Quality  (Cq)
[This should take you 60 minutes.]
Use SearchEngineLand's Content guidelines, and specifically for part c, the landfill vs. living description. See more tips at this page.

II.  Current Keyword Location Analysis (Ht, Hd, Hh)
[This should take you 45 minutes.]
Even though this is described at SearchEngineLand and other sources, it's best to use class notes for this section.

IV.  Architecture: Speed  (As)
[This should take you 5 minutes.]
Use and/or use to determine the load speed for both sites. (You may need to establish a free account at Pingdom.) .

V. Architecture: URLs  (Au)
[This should take you 30 minutes.]
Use SearchEngineLand's explanation about URL structure (see Au section), as well as Google's SEO Starter Guide's section, "Improve the Structure of your URLs" beginning on page 8.

VI.  Link Popularity  (Ln, Lq)
[This should take you 10 minutes.]
Use -- the same source you used for your first assignment -- to determine the quantity and quality of links to each site.  (You'll need a free account, but you probably established one for your first assignment!)

VII.  Keyword Performance on SERPs for Recommended Keywords
[This should take you 5 minutes.]
Use Mikes-Marketing-Tools to analyze current performance for your chosen keywords.

VIII.  Current Traffic
[This should take you 5 minutes.]
Use to determine the current monthly traffic at each site. You have to register for a free account -- not a free trial, but a free account. If isn't working, or if you have to enter a credit card number (which I don't want you to do), you can use or Or, Google " unique visitors," " traffic" and related terms for both web sites.

Or... here's a screenshot of's traffic report at

IV.  Conclusions and Recommendations
[This should take you at least 30 minutes.]
Congratulations!  You now have enough ammunition to recommend real improvements! This is exactly what SEO managers get paid big bucks to do every day! 


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