Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tell Google Spider not to catch specific section of the content

Tell Google Spider not to catch specific section of the content 

To avoid duplicate content  we can have following things

1)      Making the URL not to index in Google , but this would really drop the visitors
2)      Telling Google Spider not to catch  Specific section of the Content  

è Having I frame (spider can’t catch the content )

è Having  Google off and Google on tag

Having this tag


         <p> But for US auto General Motors, that is a mere footnote. The Sail U-VA launched in India last week is its litmus test, a make-or-break launch. Its success will determine whether GM’s 2-year-old tie-up with China’s SAIC works in terms of direct product launches in India. </p>

                    <!--googleoff: index-->

         <p>The facia is accentuated in places with lines and creases that make it appear big and muscular. There are no surprises at the rear, either, and a lack of inspiration becomes evident. The high strung vertical tail lamps are a doneto- death design, and from the back the car looks boxy. Design is not adventurous or eye catching, but functional.</p>

                    <!--googleon: index>

index - content surrounded by “googleoff: index” will not be indexed by Google


Let make the URL , Meta description , Heading Unique by adding some relevant dynamic one words    


Sulekh News : Chinese checkers against the Samurai - Chevy Sail U-VA – Review  in http://cars.sulekha.com/chinese-checkers-against-the-samurai-chevy-sail-u-va-review_424236_review


Chinese checkers against the Samurai - Chevy Sail U-VA – Review   the original one in http://travel.sulekha.com/chinese-checkers-against-the-samurai-chevy-sail-u-va-review_424236_review

Adding <Sulekh News :> in front of the Heading tag will  avoided Duplicated issue similarly we can do it for  URL, Meta tags

And the body of the content in <!--googleoff: index--> tags  or in Iframe

Hence our URL get index , avoid duplicity in Body of our page, get visitors  


Note : Iframe content can cached by Google but not by yahoo & bing  So if we use iframe and <!--googleoff: index--> tags together  then we can avoid Duplicate issue for all major search engine


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