Friday, 2 November 2012

Some Useful Tools For SEO

Some Useful Tools For SEO For 2013

Lots of Seo guys ask me what tools to be used for SEO , well that is pity good question, Tools are one the best thing which seo Analyst need for site analysis and Reports .They are many tools in internet , but don't believe this tools blindly, because some of the tools found in giving the wrong info , which can lead you to serious trouble.

So here are some of the tools which I have been using for SEO Report . Each tools have there own Plus and negative

1) SEO General Report Tool

 For taking general report Like Title: Meta keywords, Meta description, Internal links, External links, Server information , Domain Age, Domain Details etc you can use SEO QUAKE

  SEO QUAKE is add on where you can install in your browser (firefox,Chrome,Opera, Safari ) . It gives you quick Report , quick Summary of all the 10 result shown in SERP (refer fig 1)

Fig 1 (SEO QUAKE showing the quick result of all 10 pages )

Explore More :

2) Black link Checking Tool 

this are some of the tools where you can refer

 For  checking backlinks tool there you can refer Back link watch
this is pity good site to find all the back links . You should aware no tools get you exact back link . but you an get approximate links . Other tools to find back link will be

Some other site to find Back links :

Google Webmasters -
Bing Webmaster -
SEO Moz -
Buzz Stream -
Website Grader -
Plug in SEO -
Ericmiraglia -
Raven SEO Tools -

  3)  Spider Simulator from Summit Media

This tool gives you general on page stuffs , you can find how many word are there in Title, Description , body, and it will also give you a percentage rating. It bases the rating are based on the stuff like meta tags, images and alt tags,use of headers,  load time, and links.



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