Saturday, 20 October 2012

Google EMD update

                  EMD Algorithm Update

EMD Update is to decrease low quality exact match domains in search results. EMD update concentrates on eliminating the low quality or spam exact match domains. Seo is well-known for implementing sites that use exactly the keywords that a site is optimizing for. For example, if a website owner desired an easy direction to the top of the search results for the keyword and key phrase “Blogger Seo Tips,” he or she would make an effort to register the domain Exact-match domains have always had a significantly good effect on rankings. Business owners of exact-match sites for highly targeted keywords have long rankings and the success of highly-targeted look for visitors that out comes. The greater part of them absence high quality content, and instead are stuffed with keyword-rich, worthless content that look great to search engine spider but are worthless to individual users. Those who own these sites benefit them with ads and online links, looking after only for the money and nothing for the user.

Google EMD update
Google EMD update

Tips to Recover from Google EMD Algorithm


1.Eliminate all content on your EMD site that is of low quality. Remove content if it is written for only search engines and provide quality and value content to users.

2.Identify and remove spam inbound links  which  cause negative results as soon as possible .

3.Add social share buttons to all of your content.

4.Add  fresh and quality content to your website.

5.Implement SEO link-building strategy to increase your site's reliability.

6.Participate in a social media campaign.


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