Friday, 28 September 2012

SEO Keywords Research and Analysis

Keywords Research and Analysis

Type in google Google keyword adword tool enter any keyword and know the traffic of any keyword country wise and you can use those keywords in your site.

SWOT Analysis of Website

Before doing the seo of any site, first go for SWOT analysis of the site.

S= Strength
1. Original content (if content is original that is the strength of site.)  (
2. PR (If site has some page rank that is also strength of site.)
3. Old Domain (If domain if old that is also strength of site.) (
4. Good Navigation (if easy access to the website pages that is also strength)

W= Weakness
Bad designing of the site, Useless content

O= Oppurtunity
Where there is business less we have a chance to grow in that area. Like the keywords on which there is less traffic we can use those keywords for getting some traffic to our site, in this way we have the opportunity to grow, after some time we can use high traffic keywords also.

T= Threat
Facing more competition, becomes a threat for us. Now the opportunity becomes a threat for us because we have to promote our site using less traffic keywords.
We have to move ahead with this threat.

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