Saturday, 30 June 2012

Keyword Ranking Tools

To check the ranking of specific keywords within search engines, try these web-based tools:

1) Mike's Marketing Tools Search Engine Ranking tool -- this is the best ranking tool, but it's not perfect -- it is good enough for our class project and to give sites a general idea of how they rank.

[Note: Sometimes Mike adds a layer of access on his site. If this happens to you you'll see an "ad" in the center of the page that you have to click to get access to the tool -- this opens an annoying window that takes you to some SEO software. If you're having trouble figuring this out, it may be because you're using Chrome and the "keyword" box is missing. This is because you can't turn JavaScript on in Chrome, so you'll have to use another browser.]

2) SEOcentro keyword raking tool.

3) -- Rank checker

4) -- Rank checker (You have to download the SEOBook's free version to Firefox; but this link lists most free and paid keyword ranking tools.)


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