Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Penguin update and how to over come it

Penguin Algorithm

Probably every webmaster have one thing to say What is Penguin update? we all know its Web spam Algorithm , but don't really know whats the reason for drop or increase in traffic. We need to come out with a answer how to solve it and we need to come out with the experience we have.

Let me start with my experience

There was a drop in visit for my blog when penguin algorithm was updated April 24th (http://malayalamp3download.blogspot.com/)

And the other blog which had increase in traffic after the update (24 th april)

So what is exactly Web spam ?
Now google can easily find out the guys who spam the web.
Over submission of links with exact anchor text
Over submission of same content in blog, website, Pligg Sites and others
And stuffing the website with keywords
So algorithm which can track all this activities is know as Penguin Algorithm

In first scenario : malayalamp3download.blogspot.com
I did link building with exact match anchor text and had a drop in traffic by 43 % of traffic.
Normally I doest do that but still I did it for my blog
The blog have exact match Domain Name
I thing this is the reason for the drop !

In Second scenario : friends4friendship.blogspot.com
In second blog better traffic after the Penguin Algorithm. Link building has done in way , anchor text is not exactly matched . very less link building

How to overcome:

So we should have good links
And Good link should have the following :
• Should be within context and relevant
• They should lead users to related information
• Navigate users to a next phase
• Should come from good content
• Should not have exact match keyword
• Should endorse content
• Give value to content
• But above all be useful

If they are not useful the are SPAM

Link building :
•Get 2 to 3 links per day
•Get link from reputed sites
•Try to shuffle anchor text and get link and remember not to have exact match keyword
For ex:
Web design Chennai
Chennai web design
The best web designing company

Don’t do directory submission
Don’t get links from site which is having page rank n/a or 0 in home page

Concentrate SMO:
Concentrate Less on Link building and more on SMO .
Since Google +  is Google product I have seen increase in ranking when we engage in Google Plus
Through Google+ Google will deliver 100 times better results
Post in Facebook page are now cached by Google and thus  increasing in ranking

 Summary :

 Never Do
1) Over Optimization
2) Exact match domain with Keyword
4) Footer links with exact-match anchor text
5) Other site-wide links with exact-match anchors
6) Paid text links using exact match anchor text:
7) Guest posts on questionable sites
8) comment spam
9) Article marketing sites
10) Links from dangerous sites


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