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Classifieds in SEO


Publishing Ads in classified listings always produce preferred results, both off-line and on the internet. The pattern has now modified as on the internet classified listings are becoming well-known and not only is it quick and simple, it is the most effective way as well to get site visitors, get inbound hyperlinks as well as produce brings in no time. Posting Ads in Great PR categorized websites allows you get more inbound visitors and your product will get a lot of usage successfully. 

List of top 10 categorized web websites in  India :


    They place – 975
    Everyday earnings – $3000
    Creator – Pankaj agarwal ( an IIM indore passout)

click india founder

This is the most well-known categorized website in india with the toughest style tailored and i must say its indian craiglist . First of all if you will go to this website through google, looking for a factor, possibilities are you will simply select the google adsense ads sensibly placed around the material. Its quite simple to make a sensation after viewing this website that ” why i came here”.

Clickindia was established somewhere in noida with 5 individuals and increased without the petrol of promotion to the top most port in india . Incredibly they did it in just two decades.


    They place – 1100
    Everyday earnings – $2500

What Clickindia did in two decades , quikr did it in one season with the power of cash. On the 30 days of its release they invested a cash and injected it in top 10k web websites on the globe. After that it increased due to its SEO helpful framework and collected clients created through promotion. These days also quikr usually spends a large sum online adwords and is increasing on to crack on through to the other side.

 Quikr is indian arm of eBayclassifieds (Classified arm of eBay). The distinction between clickindia and quikr is the diffrence in style. If clickindia care only for the material and amount of development, quikr have tried its best for making itself look like a shiny and relaxing style. The only restriction it have surrounded itself up to is that it have limited itself to only 40 places in india.


    They place -2200
    Everyday earnings -$1300
    Creator -Fabrice Grinda

fabrice grinda

Fabrice grinda established olx in season 2006 and now it is existing in 90 nations. The overall income of olx is $5 thousand each season and its increasing at an substantial amount. The indian project that is is one of the most effective company and have a large discuss in its overall income. Fabrice grinda is an business economics graduate student and revealed the globe that how its possible to generate a large income with a few PHP webpages. Olx includes 140 workers and Fabrice is CEO and founding father of this crocodile website.


    They Rank – 3962
    Everyday Income – $700 is the 4th most well-known website in india. Its a project of , a popular information website with a globe place 600. Clearly it gets a lot of recommendation visitors from , thats why i do not regard web websites like these with existing godfathers. Although the style is awesome and easily crawlable by both Search engines and clients.


    They place – 5348
    Everyday Income – $500

Locanto have released itself in 40 nations and five significant dialects. is indian categorized and its also quite well-known.  For example its compulsory to put pin value while posting your ad. Who will tell them that half asia do not know their pin value.



    They Rank – 7500
    Everyday Income – $400

Vivastreet functions itself in 17 nations with its most effective project in india. The exclusive function of this categorized is its browsable map like framework. Go on the webpage and you will see the map asia along with small hyperlinks of groups and places.


    They place – 11,000
    Everyday Income – $250

Adoos was established in 2003 and began its categorized company from the country. Now it have propagate its legs over 60 nations and 13 dialects. Not quicker of development like other big gamers, adoos still is constant at its existing place.


    They Rank – 17,000
    Everyday Income - $170

Indialist is a categorized company of Although the website is still seo helpful but not good looking with the toughest shade mixture possible. Whether it will stay at this identify or slide below by upcoming opponents, that is a factor to look at in near upcoming.


    They Rank – 17,000
    Everyday Income -$140

Khojle is the on the internet start-up of dainik jagran team. Clearly another off-line godfather and even after its seo unfreindly framework it have created it to the top 10 record in 2 decades and now increasing quick. I wonder why they have given the look for box in the size of an hippo and want to power clients to look for.


Adeex is the best and awaiting make it big in the indian categorized market. The best things about this website is that although its new it have greatly invested online adwords strategy and tried its best to make it a better place to look for for classified listings.


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