Sunday, 21 August 2011

Appear Offline to Selected Friends in New Facebook Chat

I have seen my friends on facebook who remain offline but still I see that they comment or send messages, and then there are others who just get irritated by pings from their friends on facebook chat but don’t know how to turn it off and then they are left with no other option but to logout. They are not able to chat even to those with whom they want to.

I have asked many people about this kind of behavior and they just say that they don’t want to talk to particular group of people or remain offline to colleagues during office hours. But they don’t exactly know how to do this, for them there is good news that facebook has already given a thought to this and this facility of getting offline for a particular group of friends is available for long.

Step-1: Create a list of friends on facebook

For doing this first of all you should create a list of friends. I will show you how to do this...
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