Saturday, 26 March 2011

Dealing with Google Suggestions beating competitors : Internet Marketing Strategy

How to remove Google Suggestions.

Almost everyone of you might have obsered that whenever we type something to search on Google in gives us related suggestions. Recently I came across a situation where competitors were using Google Suggestion to demote a brand. I exactly don't know the criteria that when does Google includes certain keyword or key phrase in its suggestions i.e., whether it takes it upon reaching certain number of results obtained upon searching that keyword or on being number of times it has been searched. Now, what my competitors did was that they either searched the keyword many times or provided much results with that keyword so that it began to appear in Google Suggestions. The keyword was "companyname complaints" and when you search this you get complaints against company and I am very much sure that these complaints were also posted by 
competitors themselves. Now it was our task to remove the suggestion and we tried real hard but could not find a solution to the problem. 

So, finally we decided to post some articles with something positive and we made sure that those articles come on top with same keyword with which competitors were demoting our brand.

So, friends their is solution to every problem and its said that when someone starts pulling your leg that means you are progressing.

Convert your weaknesses into Strengths.


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