Thursday, 26 February 2009

Keyword Analyzers

The following sources should help you determine which keywords to prioritize for your web site. You can't optimize for all words that you think are important to the site's content, you have to prioritize. So, try to figure out which keywords may bring the most relevant traffic to your site, and focus on optimizing your site, and specific pages, for those words (and phrases, of course).

Google tools:
Google Trends: This is the best place to start to get relative traffic for several keywords you're considering.

Insights for Search:  Google's "upgraded" Trends tool -- powerful for search terms and geo-targeting. Only gives trend comparisons, does not give actual search numbers.

AdWords tools:
Find Keywords for your site
Check traffic on specific keywords; get keyword suggestions

Other tools:'s keyword analyzer looks at top sites of specific keywords for comparison. analyzes best keywords for a site (fee-based.) helps you choose keywords to buy in AdWords; it's a pay service, but there's a free demo.

WordTracker: A free version of Rivergold Associate's service that estimates daily query volume of keywords and provides similar keyword suggestions.

DigitalPoint: Keyword data pulled from Yahoo and Wordtracker data. Provides daily query volumes and similar keyword suggestions.  Another site that pulls from Yahoo and Wordtracker data. A free version of a tool to monitor traffic on a publisher's web site.


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