Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt Info

Sitemap.xml Info:

Start here: SEO Expert Services
Sitemaps.org -- this site outlines the sitemap requirements agreed upon by major search engines
Yahoo Sitemap Submit
Google Sitemap Submit

To create your sitemap.xml file, use one of these generators:
XML-sitemaps.com -- good tool, well explained
Sitemaps-builder.com -- no personal experience with this, but I've heard it works well!
Google's sitemap generator -- more complex

Once you've created your xml file and uploaded it to your server, then validate the xml file to be sure it meets standards. This site is one of several sitemap validators.

Submitting Sitemap Files
Once you've validated your xml file, you need to submit it to search engines.

SitemapWriter.com is good for submitting, and also has a generator.

It's a good idea to use your Google Webmaster account to submit to Google, but you also can use this tool below to submit it to several search engines at once.

Robots.txt Info:

MSN still uses robots.txt files, though they've also announced that they will read sitemap.xml files. I recommend using both. To create a robots.txt file, use this SEOChat.com link. This will create code (it's very short) that you copy and paste into a .txt file. Create your .txt file using TextEdit, not Microsoft Word. Then upload it to your server.


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