Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Blog Directory Submission List

What is a blog?

A blog is a website, usually maintained by an individual. It's more like an online diary with regular entries of commentary, description, events, or other materials. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Blog is a short for Web log, and our web pages that work as a journal that normally updated daily. Blogging can provide excellent information on many topics, although content can be subjective.

A blog should be an extension of your marketing program. You should also consider using a blog to increase exposure and targeted traffic and generate more quality links. The following is a list of Blog directories with their corresponding Google page rank if you know other blog directories that are not included in list, you can leave it in a comment and I will check that for you and probably add it in my free blog directory list. Hope this will help you get started.Note:

Note: Last updated Saturday, February 21,2009

Free Blog Directory Submission List

anse.de 3
answers.com 7
bloglines.com 9
blogdir.com 6
blogadr.com 5
blogfinds.com 3
blogflux.com 4
blogged.com 7
bloghub.com 4
blogio.net 4
bloglisting.net 3
blogrankings.com 4
blogville.us 3
blogion.com 3
blogarama.com 4
bloglisting.com 3
blogbib.com 3
blogintro.com 4
blog-search.com 3
blogcatalog.com 4
blogsrating.com 4
blogdigger.com 6
blogoriffic.com 5
blog-collector.com 3
bloghop.com 6
blogs.com 7
blogbunch.com 4
ham-blogs.net 4
bloggernity.com 4
blogpulse.com 7
blogtopsites.com 3
bloggernow.com 3
bloginspace.com 6
boingboing.net 8
blogtoplist.com 6
blog-directory.org 5
bloggapedia.com 6
contentsmatter.com 3
crayon.net 6
feedmap.net 5
globeofblogs.com 7
hirank.com 3
loadedweb.com 5
lsblogs.com 3
plazoo.com 6
redtram.com 5
readablog.com 4
sarthak.net 4
superblogdirectory.com 4
search4blogs.com 4
smallbusiness.com 5
technorati.com 8
today.com 5
The Blog Resource 4
truthlaidbear.com 6
topblogarea.com 3
Wil's Domain Weblog 3
weblogalot.com 6
2rss.com 6

For more free blog directory submission list you can download it here.

You can also check their traffic rank and other site details in www.alexa.com or www.who.is. If you know other blog directories that are not included in the list, you may leave it in a comment. Hope this will help you get started.


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